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Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima is the full name of a Brazilian born in Bento Ribeiro in 1976. Ronaldo was named after a doctor, Ronald Valente, who gave birth to him. Among his nicknames we can include "Dadado", which he received from his brother, because he could not correctly inflect R-o-n-a-l-d-o. As a 16-year-old, he insisted on being called by his own name, and so the nickname "Ronaldhino", that is, little Ronaldo, came to him (Ronaldinho wore the national team jersey until 1999).
It didn't take long for his surroundings to understand Ronald's super-talent on the pitch, with which he earned the name "O Fenomeno", also known as "superhuman" or "E.T.

Due to his frequent injuries, Ronald's career was marked by excellent goal scores per match.
• Cruzeiro 47 matches - 44 goals
• PSV 57 matches - 54 goals
• Barceloan 49 matches - 47 goals
• Inter Milan 99 matches - 59 goals
• Real Madrid 177 matches - 104 goals
Altogether, he managed to score 352 goals in 518 matches with an average of 0.68 goals per match. Ronaldo also achieved similar statistics in the national team of Brazil with an average of 0.63 goals per match. He played 98 matches for Brazil and scored 62 goals, putting him in second place behind Pelé with 77 goals.

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