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FC Seoul must pay a fine of £ 67,000. Instead of spectators, they invited several SEX DOLLS to the stadium.

During the K-league match against Gwangju FC, about 20 dolls were placed at the stadium of South Korean FC Seoul, dressed in the team's colors, wearing a veil and referring to the SoloS dealer who sells the dolls.
The mannequins, most of them women, some men, were placed in the arena as a replacement for fans who are not currently eligible to participate in the games due to the coronavirus pandemic.
K-League rules say inappropriate and sexual ads are not allowed and officials have decided to impose a record fine. Seoul apologized for the incident and decided to impose fines.
"We are sorry for the situation. Our intention was to bring some fun when it was decided to host behind closed doors without spectators. We would like to apologize to all the fans who support FC Seoul. We will make every effort to prevent such a problem in the future. "
Currently, Seoul Facilities Corporation, which operates the stadium, states that any advertising at the stadium requires permission.

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