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While the experience of watching football on TV was not perfect, the latest data from Sky German, the main holder of television rights, shows record numbers. More than 6 million looks in the first days after the launch of the Bundesliga show that football is also of interest from the comfort of home.

The restart also paid off for the company, which regulates the broadcast and experiments with the artificial sounds of the crowd, which wants to fight silence. Every official knows that the current situation can only be temporary, because crowds are one of the main assets of the Bundesliga.
As viewership numbers rise, banners have appeared across the country criticizing the greed of Bundesliga brokers. Fans of FC Kolín protested by creatively placing a couch in front of the stadium with the inscription "STADIÓN NAMIESTO GAUČOV!". their criticism is unlikely to fall on fertile ground.
"If you organize matches without spectators, only then will you realize how important the fans in the stadium are," said Horst Heldt. However, he agrees with the other representatives of the clubs that the season should be completed according to plan, because the clubs have done a remarkable job and have done their best so far in a difficult situation.

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