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The German Bundesliga returned to the lawns on Saturday and looked at what the Premier League and other top leagues might look like if they returned.
So what did a football weekend behind closed stadium doors look like?
The teams arrived at the stadiums with several buses to prevent several people in the means of transport from traveling together. Players and staff had to undergo mandatory quarantine at team hotels throughout the week and undergo regular coronavirus testing. The temperature was also controlled by others who participated in the games, including the media. Fans were forbidden to take part in matches, which called for police patrols to prevent crowds from gathering. Apart from players and coaches, only a select few had permission to participate in the matches. Media, doctors and security forces.
The balls were disinfected at the beginning of the match and after the first half. Despite all the measures, we should think twice. Are these measures sufficient?
We forbid people to meet before the matches, but on the battlefield we see them playing a contact game where no one can say that social distance is being observed. Is it really about maintaining something traditional, or rather a business that someone is trying to maintain at all costs, even the price of health?

Let us know your opinion. How would you behave in the position of director, coach, player?

A freelance writer and sports analyst.Jay is based in Slovakia and currently contributes to several publications and websites including Sportjudges.com. His areas of focus are Serie A, Bundesliga, Premier League, LaLiga, and Ligue 1 and all major Europe Leagues.

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