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Jadon Sancho, one of the most inflected names in European football. The Englishman plays an important role in the offensive formation of Borussie Dortmund. The new twenty-year-old footballer has competed 24 times this season, where he has scored 14 goals.

Super kid from Manchester City
Sancho was a promising young player from Manchester City. The CEO, Khaldoon Al Mubarak, said the young footballer has the talent to play for the first team. However, both parties did not agree on the terms of the contract. So Sancho left Manchester to try other options in European football.
Street football player.
As a young man, he grew up in the suburbs of London, where he did not have a football pitch. He spent his childhood with a ball in the streets, among the street lamps. "I wanted to play football after school. There were people all around me doing bad things. I've never been close to them, ”Sancho saidBig dreams since she was little, which she gradually fulfills.At the age of 12, he left his family to live and play football at Watford Academy. Louis Lancaster, his coach from the Youth Academy, praised the young player's determination - "He looked me in the eye and said he wanted to play in one of Europe's best clubs and represent his country to make his family proud of him." He reached both goals at the age of 18.
Number "7".
Jado wears a No. 7 jersey in Dortmund. This number was worn by players such as Robert Lewandowski and Michael Zorc, which did not deter the young player. "I would take any number, but getting a seven was very encouraging and gave me more confidence. It's about boarding and proving and that's why I'm HERE! Sancho told the BBC.
Yellow-black to gold representative.
In representing the country, he helped his national team qualify for the 16th round at the U17 World Championships in India in 2017. Although he failed to complete the competition, England continued to win the title. Later, a gold medal was sent to Dortmund.Better than Dembélé.
... and also young.
 In the eyes of the Yellow Wall, Sancho is better than the previous club star Ousmane Debélé. Although both players have their own style of play, Sancho won the hearts of yellow-black fans. In addition, the young Englishman is praised by the crowd and even admired by Captain Marc Reus.

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