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Real Mallorca head coach Vincente Moreno talked about the fight with Lionel Messi , which he had in a previous joint match in December.

During the match, where Barcelona won 5: 2, they both got into a fight on the court line. This third goal completed a hattrick for Messi.

In an interview with Youtube Chat, Moreno said that an angry Messi came to him halfway through the match and told him exactly how many goals he planned to collect with his team.

My players told me after the match that the loss is on my shoulders and I am fully responsible for it because I made Messi angry. The captain of Barcelona was angry and during the break he told me and Suarez that they were going to score seven goals and I should prepare for it. Fortunately, they did not succeed in the match, but still Messi scored his next hat-trick in his career. He is a genius player with whom I no longer want to get into a fight, "said Moreno.

Messi in full swing of preparation seems to be maximally aroused to restart the season. The opening match of Barcelona will take place on the lawn of Mallorca, already this Saturday at 22:00.
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