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Aston Villa striker Anwar El Ghazi returned after the break more prepared than ever before.

Both the rest of the Premier League and Aston Villa players were off the field due to a coronavirus pandemic for three months. This forced players to train at their own risk in a home environment without the luxury equipment that clubs provide. For some, this method has worked, but many European league players have returned to the field outside the form we knew.

El Ghazi, who is the exact opposite of himself, has stated that he feels more fit than before and training in isolation has helped him improve. "Without muscle loss, my body fat percentage has dropped from an average of 10% to 8%. I trained like an animal, I was able to follow my diet more than during the season, "said El Ghazi.

In the previous 25 matches, he contributed 4 goals and 4 assists to the team, giving himself a score of 6/10.

"I think I can be happy with my first years in the Premier League. My performance is not bad, especially in the club, which is located at the bottom of the table. "Added El Ghazi

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