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Liverpool is working hard to get used to the atmosphere of the empty Anfield Stadium during training before the return of the Premier League.

The Reds go back into action with the need to win only 2 times, secure a Premier League win and happily take over the title.
Coach Klopp realizes that the advantage of the home team is a thing of the past due to the pandemic, as there are not many supporters in the stadium. Over the past month, we have been able to watch the effect of "ghost games" in the German Bundesliga, which is proof of that.
The coach started preparing for the unusual atmosphere they will encounter in the next league matches in the hope of gaining an advantage over other clubs.
"None of the teams will have crowd support at home. Anyone, anywhere can't count on support. That is why we have included simulations of the empty stadium situation in the trainings, so that the players get used to it as quickly as possible, "Klopp told the BBC.
Liverpool have a 25-point lead in the Premier League table, with just two of the upcoming matches enough to win their first title in league history. Klopp is aware of this position and cannot afford to wait, so his efforts for the greatest possible mental comfort in the team are important.
"It may not be the most important thing in my life, but it's my passion. I believe that people are looking forward to it because I love it! ”Concluded Júrgen Klopp.

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