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Not everyone was convinced of the correctness of the step when Liverpool decided in 2017 to sign the transfer of Mohamed Salah in the amount of £ 37m.
The price of £ 37m at the time seemed too steep for a player who had a lot to prove. Experts called Salaha's transfer one of the biggest missteps of the season. Until time showed how much they were wrong.
In the 2016/2017 season, Salah contributed 15 goals and 14 assists, thus showing good form of striker. In the 2013-2015 seasons, he tried to play in the Premier League for the Chelsea club, where he played 13 matches and scored only 2 times.
Salah has become an absolute part of Anfield. The winner of two golden football boots has a chance to win the third this year. With 16 goals scored, he is only 3 goals behind the current leader Jamie Vardy from Leicester.


What has changed between the inconspicuous Salah in Chelsea and the dangerous striker we see on the pitch now?
According to his coach from the national team Bob Barley, it is about shaping his game to the image of six-time Ballon d'Or winner Lionel Messi .
"Since I left the national team, Salah has improved in every aspect of the game. I told him that if he wanted to improve his performance, he had to follow Messi closely and obviously took my advice to heart, "Bradley told Sada El Balad on Egyptian television.
Whatever the reason for its improvement in recent years, Reds fans undoubtedly thank the stars for the correct position when the club's management decided on a player named Mohamed Salah, despite his unstelled club past.
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