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Several leading English Premier League clubs will hold video conferences over the next 48 hours to inform players about health and safety measures. Meetings are intended to give players the opportunity to express their concerns about gaming. Several players intend to make their coaches aware of their concerns while the threat of coronavirus prevails.

Clubs are not putting pressure on their players to be available under any circumstances, but the growing number of fears is seriously threatening a Premier League restart. There is a real risk that clubs will start a restart without full commitment. Footballers have gotten into a position if they feel like political pawns to give the country the support it needs. To date, there have been no consultations between the Premier League, the government and the gaming community. Concerns expressed by the gaming community are due to be discussed over the next two days.
"The Premier League must bring players with it. If they don't want to play en masse, it will be very difficult. Most I talked to want to come back. At least three to four people are to be expected in each club, who will be concerned, even though football players are said to be one of the safest groups in the country, "former Liverpool defender Jamie Carregher told Sky Sport.

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