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Katie Perrior & iNHouse Communications

On Tuesday in the Times, the spotlight has been shone on the PR machine who are behind the Super League.

To recap, on Sunday night the Super League launched its official website: thesuperleague.com.

Today, the Times reveal the company who are behind the PR campaign to make the Super League more palatable. The company is called iNHouse Communications, and they are led by Katie Perrior:

A former director of communications for Theresa May is leading the publicity campaign for the new league.

Katie Perrior, who led the press team at No 10 for nearly a year, is one of the founders of iNHouse Communications, which has the contract to conduct PR for the Super League.

TIMES: Prince joins the backlash over football Super League #TomorrowsPapersToday pic.twitter.com/qglnTsee6a

— Neil Henderson (@hendopolis) April 19, 2021


Boris Johnson is a big fan of iNHouse Communications

On Monday, British PM Boris Johnson indicated that the UK government would do everything in it’s power to stop the Super League from happening.

Speaking to the press, Johnson promised to “look at everything we can do” to block a plan by six leading English football clubs to join the breakaway Super League.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said his government will work with football authorities to stop the European Super League from going ahead “as it has been proposed”.pic.twitter.com/Qfg2R9u73j

— Sky Sports Premier League (@SkySportsPL) April 19, 2021

However, while Johnson is opposed to the Super League, he’s previously offered his backing to the PR company leading the Super League charge.

Indeed, on the iNHouse Communications website, the company proudly boasts that Boris Johnson believes the company is the “Fortnum and Mason” of communications.

Moreover, iNHouse Communications, and Katie Perrior in particular, worked for Johnson in his successful 2008 London mayoral campaign.

Boris Johnson is a big fan of iNHouse Communications


How Katie Perrior reacted to Boris Johnson’s Super League comments

Following Boris Johnson’s comments about the Super League, one may have suspected that his relationship with Katie Perrior would be teetering.

However, as confirmed by the Times, Katie Perrior hasn’t given the PM’s threats much weight:

The Times understands that Perrior is relaxed about his intervention but the barrage of negative publicity has raised questions about the company’s strategy.


Note: Katie Perrior’s family support West Ham

The Times have also dropped a significant nugget of information about Katie Perrior’s personal life.

It’s been confirmed that Katie Perrior’s family support West Ham.

Of course, West Ham are not one of the teams who are included in the Super League.

The Hammers are also in the race for next season’s Champions League: the Irons are fourth in the Premier League at present.

On Katie Perrior’s relationship with West Ham, the Times reveal:

The Times understands that Perrior’s involvement is not making her popular at home; her husband and children support West Ham United.


How iNHouse Communications hope to turn the PR narrative around the Super League

While it may seem that everyone is against the formation of this new Super League, iNHouse Communications seem bullish about their ability to change the public’s opinion.

In a quote from an unnamed source at iNHouse, the Times reveal the company’s strategy moving forward. The source said:

Once we get over the initial hurdle in terms of the news breaking there are good points about solidarity payments to be told and English football will take a lot of that money for the grassroots game.


Super League & the bots

So what are iNHouse doing to help with the PR drive for the Super League?

Patrick Langridge, who is the Head of SEO for Screaming Frog, has revealed the online push to drive traffic to the new Super League website.

144 new referring doms for the new Super League website (https://t.co/3L3wTKBXlg) which I found tricky to even find. UK PR being run by @iNHouseComms pic.twitter.com/BUBM45MBF1

— Patrick Langridge (@patlangridge) April 19, 2021

It’s also worth noting that the sentence “the super league is a good idea and will revolutionize football” has been going around Twitter like wildfire in the past 48 hours.

It seems clear that someone is controlling an army of Twitter bots who are all pushing this positive message about the Super League.

For the record, there is no suggestion that inHouse are behind these bots.

The bots all replying … “the super league is a good idea and will revolutionize football”https://t.co/er9dkFCo5y pic.twitter.com/UeK9Q0jLNc

— Rob Harris (@RobHarris) April 19, 2021


Social media reaction: Katie Perrior, iNHouse Communications & Super League

Are Katie Perrior and Jo Tanner football fans? Have they given up weekends, weekday evenings, traveling up and down to support their teams? Shameless. #Europeansuperleague pic.twitter.com/lQVGA8dJH1

— Mani Pillai (@ManiPillai1886) April 19, 2021

I understand that lead PR for ESL is former Conservative councillor and Downing Street Director of Comms Katie Perrior, who carried out the role during Theresa May’s tenure and who is also a Times columnist.

— Mike Keegan (@MikeKeegan_DM) April 18, 2021

“The 12 clubs have hired InHouse Communications as a British public affairs agency to promote the launch.

Katie Perrior, the chair of InHouse, was formerly head of communications for Theresa May during her period as prime minister”



— Shaun Lawson (@shaunjlawson) April 19, 2021

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