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The mayor of Madrid has said that the Spanish capital is ready to host the Champions League final if the organizers decide to move the match from Istanbul due to the coronavirus.

The highest European league was to play its finals on May 30 at Istanbul's Ataturk Stadium. The league was suspended due to a pandemic in March and currently has four final matches to play in the round of 16.

"We know that the measures have already been proposed, but we would like to declare absolute support from the city hall for the finals of the Champions League, which may take place in Madrid," said Mayor Jose Luis Martinez.

The New York Times published a report last month stating that the location of the final match will not be possible in Istanbul, which is why alternative places are being considered. An official statement on whether the final will eventually be played in Istanbul has not yet been made. UEFA has set up a working group to examine various variations of the option, the outcome of which should be made public to the public on 17 June.

Spain is one of the most infected countries by coronaviruses with more than 27,000 deaths, led by the capital, where the number of deaths and infections reached the highest numbers in the country. The figures do not speak in favor of Spain. On the other hand, the restart of La Liga in the coming days is proof of how effectively Spain is coping with the crisis.
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