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SportJudges.com is more than an ordinary soccer-dedicated web site.

We are a team of fervent football fans who live and breathe the most beautiful game and who are keen to share their passion and excitement with the rest of the world. Our mission is simple – we want to spread our love for soccer and share it with all of our kindred spirits.

Whether it is the latest news of the general nature you are after, the transfer dealings you can find in our transfer news and rumours section, filled with the up-to-the-minute transfer stories from local sources, or the extensive coverage of all relevant soccer events around the globe – through well-informed and opinionated articles from our top writers – SportJudges.com is the place to visit.

For all of those who like to push their love for soccer to a higher level and are ardent about following detailed statistics that they can put in a good use to win a (responsible) bet or two, we are here to offer an extensive betting guide and an in-depth betting section regularly updated with the comprehensive match predictions, betting promotions and tips.

Fans who are looking for the best ticket price deals can also turn to SportJudges.com for help since our soccer tickets section will allow them to find tickets for all the desired soccer events at the best prices.

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With the incredible emergence of modern-day technologies, it is no longer sufficient to base your presence on a sole platform.

We at SportJudges.com are well aware of the fact that the internet industry is constantly evolving and that social networks are one of the fastest growing channels in the world. They are also the perfect way to spread the news, share your ideas and most importantly stay in touch with your audience and get a valuable feedback from your fans.

Therefore, the SportJudges.com team is doing its best to assert its presence at some of the most influential social networks.

SportJudges.com official Facebook page is our frontrunner in the social media sphere as the world’s biggest and arguably the most powerful social network in the world has allowed us generate a huge fan base which goes well beyond 630,000 people who have liked what we do.

SportJudges.com are also present on Twitter where we attempt to stay ‘in the moment’ with over 8,000 people who we are interacting with daily.

Ultimately, having recognised the importance of the visual aspects of the job, we have also decided to join Instagram as well where our creative department is doing its best to add a unique visual appeal to our work

About us

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